Tuesday, March 28, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to Roberta -Mar.28

Dear Roberta,

Have you finished your travels for awhile?  I'm sure you and Grandma had a good trip from Florida to Ohio.

We have some big events coming up during the month of April.  On the 16th we are taking DeeDee and going with Frank & Elma to a Padres vs. Cincinnati Reds game.  The Padres seem to be doing real well in spring training (in Yuma) so we'll see how the season goes.

On the 21st Gerry and I have tickets for a country music concert.  The Statler Brothers, Ronnie Milsap and Tammy Wynette are all to be in it.  It's at the Sports Arena.

And on the 15th I have a Doctor's appointment.  Nothing much new on that front though.  I'm trying not to gain too much weight.  I'd like to keep it to a total of 15 pounds.  So I still have 12 to go.  I haven't started wearing maternity clothes as I don't look pregnant yet.  Only a little fatter than normal!

Write again soon and tell us how life is in New Vienna after a nine month absence.

Catherine & Gerry

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