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1987 Roberta's Letter -Mar.3

Arriving in Phoenix March 1, 1987, Morgans were fortunate to temporarily share housing with the Uible-Kings who were also in the process of moving from one house at Senior Village to another, to make room for the new Dining Room.  Thanks, Roberta for getting us off to a good start in Phoenix!

Dear Family,

Did I tell you all I got notice of jury duty – started today – I'm now in the 1st waiting area.  Hoping I'll not get picked – it is for PHX Municipal Court.  Interesting enough – the court is in the same complex as Long Term Care office – 7th Street / Van Buren area.  Remember we tried to come into the parking lot & got 3rd degree by the security guard – it's right there.

Wendy seemed to get along fine 1st day of school.  Interesting enough one of the girls in her class named CATHERINE was one of her friends at YWCA camp.

Yesterday afternoon got a phone call for Catherine – to set up employment interview for 3/10/87 9:00 AM – w/ Maricopa County.  Of course – she is hopeful for Glendale to come through!

When I left this AM (7:45) Gerry had already left the house for employment office.  This afternoon they have some appointment to see houses.  There are  3  right w/ in 2 blocks of us for rent.  Their furniture won't be coming now till 3/11 – our move is scheduled for 3/13.  Tho we already have  2  rooms of furniture there now.  All of our family room furniture is down thee plus most of the living room stuff.  That way we can use the living room for boxes to go down.  We had thought of taking them on down – but now have decided to wait.  The carpets are to be professionally cleaned (in 3509) plus if we wait till after furniture gets down we can unload boxes immediately – in bookcases, etc.  Also they won't be there to get in the way when the furniture comes down.

Sunday Miss Wendy did go to church with us.  She was all dressed up & did seem to enoy going.  Then afterwards we ate out – at Burger King.  We had made plans earlier to go play miniature golf in the afternoon.  Beverly & her 8 year old daughter came with us for the golf.  Catherine & Gerry met us there.

9:30 We just had our Orientation – sounds like it is going to be a long day.  I have my self stationed at the right place tho – directly across from the free phone! (HA!)  We are in a huge waiting room area – about 100 people.  Were told there were 15 court rooms – but only 7 were for Jury caes.  We were also told most cases last 1-3 days & lunch is from 12-1:30.  Alse we get paid $12 after 1st day – plus milage 21¢ per miles from center of our zip code to here.  Even tho they pay for parking it can be quite a hassel – so I'm lucky I can use Long Term Care parking lot.

Last night we ate at Ed Debevics (sp?) we had taken Wendy there last summer & it had made a lasting impression on her.  The Morgans treated us – do you remember the place?  It's got the 1950's theme – lot of signs, blue plate specials, etc.  Pretty reasonable prices – most meals about $3.95-$4.95.

3:30 PM – Still waiting – this is worse than working!

Ate lunch in a health food store w/ small lunch counter right downtown.  Guy told me his parents opened up 1st health food store in PHX in 1932.

This is one of the most inefficient programs.  I'm sure I could organize them better –
Have been told we will be held till 5:00 pm.


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