Wednesday, March 29, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter -Apr.4

Dear Mom, Dad, Roberta & Mary,

Hi!  It was rally quick service on your last letter.  You wrote & mailed it Thursday and we got it Saturday.  However, the tops have not arrived.  Either they are moving slowly or they got lost.

Well, we will be moving the end of this month.  The present manager is moving out and the new manager is going to live in a one bedroom apt. so we will be moving downstairs to Apt. "A".  We're not sure of the exact date.  They are moving out the 14th but Mr. Roemmich wants to paint it and fix some things.  So we'll let you know when to change the letter. [from Apt. "Y"]

Yesterday we went to an unfinished furniture store and found a table and chairs we really like plus two stools and a rocking chair.  We're going to have it delivered after we move.

I have to go to work now so will get this off in the morning mail.

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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