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Family Research: Uible, Shull Family

I notice in looking at the Clinton County Cemetery Records there is a Philip Uible listed on the Roll Call of Departed Veterans in the "Old Cemetery and Addition" in Liberty Township (Port William). This may be part of the Maple Grove Cemetery. It doesn't list him under the burials though so no birth or death info. In order to be a veteran of the War of 1812, he would have had to been born at least prior to 1800. He's the only other Uible listed in the book outside of our immediate family.  He would most likely be a generation or two prior to David Uible (born 1845) the patriarch shown below.  David's father was Johann David Uible (1822-1849) and his grand-father also Johann David (1778-1843).  After I finish going through the family history files, I may be able to speak with more authority about our connection with Philip.

Also been doing a bit of research on the Shull family as one of the pictures which Marianne loaned me had a note on the back written by Lavone Shull Conover (1907-1997) who was CJ's step-mother's (Andelia Hudson Shull Uible 1845-1937) grand-daughter. She lived in Vernon Township (Cuba area) as a young person but later moved to Cincinnati.  She writes the date, her name, and a cryptic "Do you know these folks?"

Uible Reunion Sunday April 19, 1925.  Gladys Hiestand Uible third from right standing.  Will Uible further right standing.  Presumably David Uible seated with cane and his wife Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull Uible to his right.  Gladys would have been pregnant.  Could Mary be peeking out second to the left of David?  Where is CJ?  Possibly in the back row between two taller men.  David died the following year.

CJ's father, David Uible (1845-1926) married Sarah Elizabeth Smith (1841-1890) in 1868.  She had a daughter, Addie (1862-?) by a previous marriage, who would have been CJ's much older half-sister.  Possibly Sarah's first husband died in the Civil War, but I have been unable to confirm that.  David and Sarah had eight children:

  1. William David "Will" Uible (1869-?)
  2. Frank Crossen Uible (1871-1953)
  3. Mary Louisa Uible (1873-1893)
  4. Ennis Harris Uible (1877-1910)
  5. Clyde Uible (1879-1906)
  6. George C. Uible (1880-1906)
  7. Cecil J Uible (1883-1969)
  8. Serena Uible Reynolds (1884-1963) 
Sarah died in 1890 and David married Andelia Eglantine Hudson Shull in 1892.  She and her first husband, John Shull (1836-1878), had five children who were mostly grown by the time Andelia married David.  

To summarize, CJ had seven siblings, one older half-sister, and five older step-siblings.

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

Having now done a bit more research, I think Clyde Uible (1879-1906) and George C. Uible (1880-1906) are one and the same person – George Clyde Uible born in either 1879 or 1880.

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