Thursday, March 16, 2017

!977 Catherine's Letter -Mar.15

Dear Mom, Dad & Mary V.,

Hi!  We read your latest letter with some difficulty – shall we send you some onion skin?

Roberta called Saturday.  Person to Person for "Roberta's niece" so we called her back in Phoenix.  She just wanted to say goodbye before she heads east.  She said she planned to arrive in Lake Worth on Friday.

Our car broke down last Friday.  Something about the head gasket.  At least we think we've found someone reliable to fix it.  It's supposed to be ready tomorrow or Thursday.  So we haven't been much of any place.  We're lucky that Frank lives so close and can take us to work.

DeeDee's birthday is coming up – April 12.  Her mother wanted to get her a TV but we're opposed to that as they already have one (& only two of them to watch it) plus she watches more than enough TV already.  We're pushing for getting her either a Captain's Bed frame or a book case.  She also wants to have her birthday party at Farrells.  I guess with four or five friends.  Probably we would have that on Saturday before Easter.  She will be 9.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  We're going to have a little party at work as the original owner, John Sullivan – was a real Irishman.  He's gone, but they still celebrate.

I went to the Dr. again last Friday.  It was really nice as the other times we've had to wait and wait.  This time I had an 8:00 appointment.  The Dr. was on time and I was in and out in 10 minutes.  He had some kind of deal so I could hear the baby's heart beat.  It was real fast.  Also I gained three pounds.  So I've been trying since then not to eat too much and I switched to powdered milk.

Is it possible the sour dough can go flat?  It bubbles still and seems OK but it seems pretty runny. One of the women here at work told me never to use anything but a wooden spoon in it as anything else would make it go flat.  If that was the case mine would have been flat long ago.

Write soon!

Love, Catherine & Gerry

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