Friday, March 24, 2017

1977 MV's letter to John -Mar.7

Monday, March 7, 1977
Dear John,

Hi!  What are you planning to do this summer?  You aren't going to sell Bibles are you?  I hope Bert talked you out of it yesterday.

Not too much is new around New Vienna.  WSRW burned down last Thursday night.  They are slowly getting back on the air.

We had sort of a busy day yesterday.  After church we went to Leesburg to eat, then we went to Carolyn Thornburg's parent's 50th Wedding anniversary.  After we were home a little bit, Bert and Marion called.  It was a big surprise.  She said she was going to call you.  I asked Marion if she was going to make Bert pay for the calls and she said she might have to beat it out of her!

Melodee Mahanes said you were going out when you came home!  Are you sure there isn't anything going on between you two?

Well, studyhall is almost over.

Mary Va.

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