Sunday, March 05, 2017

1977 Catherine's Letter to John -Mar.5

Dear John,

Good morning from International Harvester.  It is Saturday so I came to work with Gerry.  I'll be going out in a little while to get some sweet rolls but I thought I'd write to you first.  Sorry we didn't answer your letter sooner.  According to my calculations we received you last letter on 2/9 just before Mom, Mary & Ruth came out.  That took up some time.  It was good to see them and I think they had a good time.

Nothing new on the baby scene.  I go back to the Dr. on Friday.  So far I've gained two pounds.  Mary V. suggested the name Jason which we like pretty well but we don't have a girl's name picked out yet.  Any suggestions?

We haven't been doing too much.  Last weekend we took DeeDee to see "Once Upon a Time" a movie modeled after Cinderella.  She still wants to see "Freaky Friday" a movie where the mother turns into the 14-year-old daughter and vice versa for one day.  Have you seen it?

Somebody also bought the apartments where we live.  We got new curtains and they put in new washing machines and dryers.  They are fixing up the apts. that are empty.  Our lock fell off the door this morning so we can't lock the door.  We're going to look for a 2-bedroom apt. soon.

Well, John, how is school going?  Write soon and tell us what's new in Granville.  Did you try to call the President?

Catherine & Gerry

P.S. Roberta got this stationary for me at Pic & Save for 29¢ for 12 cards & envelopes!  [the front says "sincerely from Catherine"]

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