Sunday, March 12, 2017

1977 Roberta's Letter to John -Mar.9

March 9, 1977

Hi ––  Good to have talked to you last Sunday – and especially to find out that you'll be at HGF selling T shirts & candy – not out in some city selling Bibles.

John – I've got about $1500-$2000 – and have decided I'm going to go home & either (1) pick out a small used car – or (2) put down that much on a  new  small car – you could take it to the farm with you – and then next fall – you can either have it at school – or the big green machine.  Some weekend after I get home we can check all this out – but in the meantime be looking around.

More for the fun of it – than anything else – I applied for 1 job here – as a Mother's Helper – some super rich family – fantastic home – lady told me she had talked to 5 people already & had 18 more to go – so I thought – no chance – then she called yesterday – and wanted to know when I could start.  Job would be live in – $75.00 1st week after that $100 a week.  Sure tempting – but I've decided to hot foot it home – Marion thinks I must be crazy.

Will you be working at Wells over Spring Break?  I'll no doubt be at Hortons till April 1st – let me hear from you! 


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