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!987 Family Letter -Feb.22

February 22, 1987

Dear Family:

Being in NYC sure makes one appreciate life in NV . . . the absence of crowds, traffic, noise and much lower prices.  Part of the show was in the Javits Center which is huge.  It is the same story that the customer wants lower prices, better quality and delivery yesterday.

Last night the Harners invited us to go to Falls Creek Friend Church (east of Hillsboro) for their annual pancake supper.  They served the meal, plenty of variety of food, etc. plus peanuts in the shell on the table and relish.  The charge was a free will contribution.  Afterwards we went square dancing in Hillsboro.

The Carrs had invited us out to dinner today.  They brought us up to date on all the Hiestand Clan.  Hopefully we can invite them up here as our guests when the Hortons are here.  June 22?  They are going to take time off for a ten day trip to Florida this week.

We have been thinking of the Morgans as they head to Arizona this weekend.  Fortunately the Kings are there to make the transition to Arizona life easier.

Serena has been to the doctor about her feet ankles, for she has tendinitis in her ankle . . . so she is using the crutches more.  She will be home 3/14 for Spring break.

John is in Washington this weekend, tho we are not sure of the details.  Certainly this country needs more people like John in the decision making process.

Thursday is Mary Virginia's day for New Vienna business for the News Journal so she has lunch with us that day.  Asbury wrote her that they wanted a tape of her singing before finalizing her application.

[Love, etc.]

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