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1967 Sarah Hinerman letter -Feb.13

A  three page letter of which only the parts pertaining mostly to Roberta are being transcribed. . . .

Mon. a.m. [Feb. 13, 1967]
Dear Jean and All,

We rec'd your letter this a.m. and I intended to get at least a card off to you to let you know Roberta had 'made contact'.  She seemed quite happy, seemed to love the school so far as she had found out in such little time.  I was thinking of the one here (S.J.) when she went off to High School in Wash. D.C. and how homesick she got and I was surprised to find young ones who like to go away to school.  S.J. never did get over it, not even in college and as you recall got married half way tro the year, without even finishing at Marjorie Webster.

I asked Roberta as to her visiting permissions, etc. and she said she had not been there long enough to find out for certain.  I told her to find out when we could come over there and take her out to dinner and when she could get any time to visit here.  Since receiving your letter it looks they have a rather austere program over there for letting the students go away but I do hope she can come over on some forced week end, whenever she gets one and does not want to go home.  I take it she will use that week end for your trip to N.Y.  She told me would be going home this coming week end.  At least, I hope the rules are not so strict but that we can go over and take her out to dinner, some time, as aforesaid.

. . . . .

I don't know much about the Friends' School at Barnesville except there were a couple of girls from here attending there when S.J. was in High School.  They were fine girls, – serious type.  I told Roberta about the only contact I had ever had with Barnesville was going to Kirks' furniture store over there which is widely known in these parts.  We bought the carpet for this house there.

I'd better quit this and rustle up some lunch.  You tell Roberta if she ever needs us for any reason or has any time she can take a day or two off and wants to come over here to be sure and give us a ring.  We will look forward to her planning to visit us when her visiting schedule permits.

Regards to Harold and all,

Sarah H

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