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1967 Roberta's Letter -Feb.9

[Postmarked Feb. 9, 1967]
Last night I went skating, only 15 people skated, every Tuesday night is "skate night" starting at 8:10 lasting till 9:10!  (got out of study hall)

Dear Family,

Here I am in study hall and we got English next.   Wednesdays are real confusing because then we have worship service, no home ec, 2 periods of English (no Algebra) and I'm not sure what else!

Three of the five of us in the room I stay in are Methodist.  Besides Quakers, there are more Methodists.

Leslie Kendall from Michigan is my "big sister"  She's real nice and a "nut".  Catherine ask Rick K. if he knows her.

This morning they had "meeting" but I didn't stay for it we have our choice whether to go or to go outside and walk all over the place.  They said it was real exciting cause some Friends church wanted to join another yearly meeting and all these old people kept arguing then they announced that this old lady died and everybody (all the old people), a whole bunch of old ladies in shawls and real long dresses were here too.

In Algebra I am studying polynomials, its sorta easy and kinda hard!  In History we don't have a book, we use the books in the library reference section, which can't go out of the library.  The have 5 copies of "The Wide World and 5 of "Geography and World Affairs."  These are the ones that are used the most.  We are studying about Nigeria now.

In "Bible Class" we went over the main differences between the books of Matthew and Luke,  Then we read this thing in Isaiah (53 chapter) about the suffering servant (unless I'm confused, I think I got the right chapter.)

In Home Ec we are cooking.  Yesterday afternoon we fixed sausage, turnovers, eggs, and a bunch more stuff.  Boy was I ever full, everyone else too.

I'm going to need some paper back books (they sell them here) should I buy them now or wait until I get home and look for them.  Should I buy them with my own money or use that in the office?

Yesterday we had sports.  It lasts for an hour and a half 3 times a week!  If you don't move you freeze in that gym.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown sit at my table!  (got to use my good manners)

This is your conscience  SEND FOOD

School vacation starts at 1:00 instead of 3:00 (in the afternoon on Thursday) (should be able to get home at decent hour)

Catherine, get Vanessa's address cause I left it at home! (or lost it) Quick or she will kill me.

See Ya

P.S.  Thanks for the post card (got it yesterday).  (Send me some stuff to eat cause all we do is eat off of Susan and her supply is almost out)

Have had applesauce every meal (except for breakfast)  Had apple dumplings twice.  Bread is good (homemade)

Excuse my writing but I wanted it to go out before 10:30, it didn't make it cause it is now ten till one oclock and class starts real soon.

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