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1967 Catherine's NYC & DC trip postcards -Feb.

Catherine went with a busload of fellow Methodist students to a United Nations Conference in NYC and Washington DC in February 1967.  Postcards are not pertinent to the subject.
Cleveland's Epworth-Euclid Church postcard -mailed 1967.  Captioned: Epworth-Euclid Church (Methodist).  Located in the University Circle, Epworth-Euclid Church has been part of Cleveland's religious life for more than 125 years, and has been cited as one of America's most beautiful Protestant Cathedrals. 

[undated but ~January 29 or 30, 1967, though postmarked Feb. 13, with postage due 4 cents]

Although I am writing this at the kitchen table, you will get the message.  HI!  Hope the paper routes are going OK.  My sympathies to all!  Love, Catherine

United Nations Church Center postcard -mailed 1967.  Captioned: THE CHURCH CENTER. At the United Nations Building, built by the Methodist Church and directed by the National Council of Churches' Department of International Affairs, houses and co-ordinates the work of U.N. related church agencies.  Located across the street from the United Nations the building includes a chapel backed by a massive stained glass window symbolizing mans struggle for peace and justice.  The building was designed by William Lescaze.
Wed. [Feb. 1, 1967]
Hi!  Today we leave for Wash.  Have seen "Funny Girl" and "Barefoot in the Park".  Cookies are almost gone.  Last night we ate at Tad's and then walked around for a couple of hours.  Yesterday it was pretty warm – quite a change from Monday.  Love, Catherine

Wilmington News-Journal, Feb. 4, 1967, p.10

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