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1967 Roberta's Letter -Feb.11

[February 11, 1967]
Dear Family,

Just got the letter from you all with the paper clippings in it.  Why won't the Carey's be happy about the wedding?  Also got a post-card from Mrs. Hinerman.  I will include it with this letter.  I just got done writing her a letter and told her to come and see me if possible.

To bad about Robyn Streber, but are they sure what's the matter with her?   Tell Mrs. Wallen I am fine, for me.

All I have done so far today is gone to church, oh excuse me, it should be "meeting" first you go to "pre-meeting" and that lasts an half of a hour.  Then "meeting" and that lasts an hour. (ugh) More details later.

Last night was the Valentine supper put on by the seniors.  It was really good!  We each had a menu and had a couple of choices, like vegetable appetizers, and beverage.  I'll bring the menu home with me over forest [?] weekend.  Thanks so much for writing the note for me!

Thursday night I had a chance to got o Pittsburg and hear this orchestra.  But didn't really want to pay $2.50 to go.  Everybody thought it was a big bargain and thought it was dumb not to go.

I'm in the dorm, and Sylavia [?] (the one you wrote about) is putting up curtains.  They are burlap with a bunch of threads going this way and that.  (Sorry about being so messy.)

Went to Binn's Saturday with Zeneta Zichobisk [total guess] (the one that showed us around the library) and got some cheese and some stuff for the other kids.

The Indian girls got in at 2:00 in the morning, I guess they should have gotten in Pittsburg about 8:00 but plane was late due to bad weather and all.

The washer and dryer took off most of my name tags so please order some "sew on" ones.

Tell everyone to write and for now had better start doing my history.  Algebra is pretty easy (to my surprise ) and Susan Rockwell teaches it.  Do you remember the girl we met up in Cleveland that had graduated from here last year?  That was Teacher Susan's sister!


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