Wednesday, February 22, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Feb.24

[Written on the envelope: "Bad News!  Beware!]

[postmarked 2-24-67]

Dear Family,

I need food, stamps and money.

Your needy

P.S. Now this is what you would call a "to the point" kind of letter!  But seriously, I will need stamps by the time you come up, I am already starved to death, and all I have done since I got back was pay dues!  I have a total of $8.00 in my envelope here!  If you will send me a check I'll look for a bed spread or maybe when you come up you can help me look down-town for it, I don't care!

For office work I clean out sinks on 1st floor in the bath-rooms.  I traded with this other girl.

This Saturday night we will have this bunch of people to come and talk about "Peace Corps" and that kinda stuff.

Got another post card from Mrs. Hinerman.

See Ya!


Bring up with you

bike (new)
Typewriter (electric?)
Food (carrot cake would be great)
Girl Scout cookies (I ordered them from Serena)

This list will be continued later!  I can't think of anymore now!

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