Saturday, February 18, 2017

1977 Ruth Shoemaker postcards from CA -Feb.

Indian Elephant San Diego Zoo

Fri. [postmarked 18 Feb 1977, to John]

Lunch is over, we are at Kathy's apt. went to the zoo this A.M.  Gee, I've been having the time of my life, really getting sun tan.  We are going to Mexico tomorrow.  Berta really has been showing us around.  I went up to Burbank at noon Mon. they all came up on Wed. & went to Universal Studios, then ate dinner at Knotts Berry Farm that eve. Then next day Disneyland so we all are beginning to drag a little but still more to see.
Love, Ruth

Victoria Station Restaurant postcard -mailed 1977

[to John, postmarked 22 Feb 1977]

Hi!  We have had a super time in Calif.  I like San Diego but Los Angeles, is to smoking for me.  We are heading back to Ohio tomorrow A.M. in the snow banks.  Kathy has new owners and he is here fixing the door.  They are looking for a two bedroom apt.  They are so happy about the newcomer.  Uncle John, how does that sound.  Well I must go as we are to meet Gerry for lunch & do a little shopping and then do packing for back home.  Love, Ruth

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