Friday, February 10, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Feb.9

[Postmarked February 9, 1967 – mailed separately from previous letter postmarked same date.]

Send Food

Dear Everybody,  I have to know the bus schedule and fast!  Cause they are figuring something out or something to that order  I checked with this girl from Cinn. and they don't have room.  She is the girl who both Donna Lord and Eleanor Haines are going with.  The girls father is going to pick them up at the bus station in Columbus!  I will go to Columbus with them I guess by bus!  FIND OUT COST   (I'll go to Wilmington by bus.)

Called Mrs. Hinerman tonight she said she'd write me and would come over sometime she also said she always wondered what it is like here but never had good excuse to come!  I told her that you had tried to get in touch with her (social lie) but then I said I wasn't sure then she couldn't remember if she had been at home so . . . (more details later but this must go out before recess.  Have only got four more minutes till end of recess.  Recess lasts 15 minutes it's when we get the mail.  Oh golly, I was only going to write one little sentence and oh well, see ya, but I gotta have the bus schedule!

(Don't need to pick me up in Columbus, cause I'll take the bus to Wilmington.)


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