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1987 Family Letter -Feb.8

Sunday, February 8, 19987

Dear Family:

It was good to have talked with all of you within the past few days AND to hear of your activities.

MV has finished her first month with the News Journal during which she saw her boss fired because he would not sign a non-competitive agreement if he quit.

John is not going to run for office but is going to help the incumbent Mayor in his reelection efforts.  Hopefully he and X will get to NYC while Joe is still there.

Library School and the activities seem to be growing on Serena.  She even has activities scheduled as far ahead as November.  Luckily, she is a great reader.

The Kings showed us a great time in Phoenix . . . that three hour non stop flight from here makes it seem like next door.

The Morgans will be moving in about two more weeks . . . . we feel sure that they will find more employment opportunities there [Phoenix] than in Colfax.

Next Saturday is Nancy Henderson's wedding.  She was presented with a tray from the Church and a bell from the bell choir.  They are going to San Juan etc. on their honeymoon.

Also talked with your Grandmother on the phone and as your Aunt Mary says she is sharp.  Yes, we will have a celebration this June 22nd for her 95th birthday.

Gradually getting back in routine here – found the pounds went on very easily in Phoenix – thanks to the good cooking of Sid and Roberta plus the restaurants we patronized.  We did do some hiking but not enough on my part.  We were sorry to miss Joe by just a few hours.

Thursday we leave for theToy Show and will be coming back Monday – missing Joe [remainder of letter was not copied.]

[Love, Etc.]

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