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1977 HH Letter -Feb.13

Ruth Shoemaker, Jean, and MV are visiting San Diego at the time this letter was written.

Sunday, February 13, 1977

Dear Family:

After leaving you all yesterday my first stop was:
(choose one)
a.  A restaurant for some colored water
b.  A public library
c.  A store to look for neckties

Actually while you were jetting down to Dallas I was enjoying the Troy Public Library – dedicated July 4, 1976 an extremely modernistic building and a real layout for the periodicals – they had different shelves for this weeks NYT, another shelf for last weeks, etc. etc. and another shelf for the past six weeks of the Sunday issue.  In the past two issues (Sunday) they had an interesting article on MP in Peru and on a trip to Hong Kong.

Lunch location was in Xenia at Ponderosa – their noon bargain is no more.  Tried their fish fillet ($2.19) out of curiousity, which was okay, but you know my aversion for fried foods.  Glad to report that Edna and Raymond Walls were there to check up on me.  Came down 380 via New Burlington, but didn't really see any changes there.

Americare was as usual, Mrs. Matthews told me that she had tired [tried] to call you to thank you for the strawberries and how much she had enjoyed them.  Said she had a call from her gr-daughter in Yemen on her birthday.

The next library stop found the NV regulars there, did get a book on New Burlington, Ireland and the Rockefellers and did read about 100 pages last night.  It was about 6 last night when I got back to N.V. and hope that at that time you were all enjoying your initial happy experiences to that California living.

Yes, M.V., DD.S.S. is fine – gave him both supper and breakfast so far.  There is so much good food in the refrigerator that I don't know where to start and just hope that you folks fare as well out west as we Easterners do . . . .  they say that California yogurt is great stuff.

Enjoy yourselves and tell everyone "Hello".

DD - SS temporary guardian and your handy man

Happy Valentines Day to all you sweet people.

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