Sunday, February 26, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Feb.26

Dear Family,

Thanks for the post card and I got me 2 pairs of hose at Murphy's Saturday.  They are extra tall size 11 1/2 stretch, they fit real good and plenty tall.  Cost 98¢ per pair (ugh).

My cooking group will be cooking this Friday night but I'll check with teacher Mae about it.  We could have it Thursday night, I would think so.  I'll write post card later in week.

The seniors just got back from Cleveland last night, they left Friday morning.  Another new girl came last week from Cleveland, she's good friend of Clark's, she is very nice, also Negro.  There have been 5 new kids that have come since beginning of this semester.

They have got the plans for the new dorm and they have been approved!  It will be where the barn is now and they start building the first of March!  It's "suppose" to be ready by Sept. 1st of next year.

I could use some government postcards, if you could bring some up.  Hope all is fine.


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