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US President Elections of the "6" Years

The first "6" U.S. Presidential election was held in 1796.  For previous posts about family history and Presidential Elections see US President Elections of the "4" Years and US President Elections of the "2" Years.
  • 1796 GHU's great-grandfather John Fawley, was born in northern Virginia in 1795.  His father, George Fawley 1764-1815, and George's father, John 1720-1803 would have been eligible to vote if they were property owners.  - John Adams became the second President after George Washington declined to serve a 3rd term.  The second-place candidate, Thomas Jefferson, became the Vice-President.  Other candidates in 1796 were N.Y. Senator Aaron Burr and former South Carolina governor, Thomas Pinckney.
  • 1816 Sarah Jane Wilson Morrow, grandmother of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, was born in 1812.  She died in 1885, but was never eligible to vote for President since women were not allowed to vote until the passage of the 19th amendment in 1920.  - Secretary of State James Monroe of Virginia defeated Rufus King a Senator from New York.
  • 1836 Nathaniel Ballantyne, 1812-1892, great-grandfather of Jean Wallace Ballantyne, married Sarah Wallace Ballantyne in 1835 - Martin Van Buren, the previous Vice-President, defeated four other candidates in the 1836 election – William H. Harrison of Ohio who became President in 1840; Hugh White, Senator, of Tennessee; Daniel Webster of Massachusetts, Senator; and Willie Person Mangum, Senator, of North Carolina.
  • 1856 CJ Uible's maternal grandfather, George K. Smith, an Ohio River boat captain, would have been about 40 years old - James Buchanan, from Pennsylvania, won a three-way contest for President, defeating John C. Fremont, a military man and explorer who later served as Territorial Governor of Arizona; and Millard Fillmore who had become President in 1850 after the death of Zachary Taylor, but lost the 1852 election to Franklin Pierce.
  • 1876 GHU's father, Ira Franklin Hiestand was 25 and already the father of Gladys' older siblings, Harry b.1872, Luna b.1874 and Dorsey b.1876. - Rutherford B. Hayes, Ohio Republican lawyer and former governor, defeated Governor Samuel J. Tilden of New York in a disputed election.
  • 1896 Adrian Wilmer Brown, father of Lucie Brown Ballantyne, was 42.  Lucie's brother, Robert Morrow Brown was 19 and Lucie was 16-years old in 1896.  - "Republican candidate William McKinley (a former Governor of Ohio) defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan (a former Representative from Nebraska) in one of the most dramatic and complex races in American history."  -wikipedia
  • 1916 CJ Uible was 33 and would have voted in Westboro, Ohio.  - Incumbent President Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic candidate, was pitted against and defeated Supreme Court Justice Charles Evans Hughes, the Republican candidate.
  • 1936 Jean's sister, who turned 21 in 1935 would have been eligible to vote.  She was married in 1936 to James Dailey. - Franklin D. Roosevelt won a second term as President, defeating Alf Landon, Governor of Kansas.
  • 1956 Harold & Jean Uible, parents of three daughters, voted in New Vienna. (Where was the voting location?) - Dwight Eisenhower, popular WW2  military hero, won a 2nd term, defeating Adlai Stevenson.
  • 1976 Catherine, Roberta, Serena & John all eligible to vote. - Jimmy Carter defeated incumbent President Gerald Ford, causing some sorrow among Republicans and at least one of the aforementioned.
  • 1996 Wendy eligible to vote. - Clinton / Gore, won a second term, defeating Dole / Kemp. Businessman Ross Perot ran as candidate for the Reform Party.
  • 2016 Christian & Andrew eligible to vote. - ??? to be determined after the publication of this post.

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Mary Crowson said...

Interestingly, Christian "forecasted" the winner back in the Spring when he said he voted for Trump in the primary because he "is the only one who has a chance of winning."

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