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1986 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.26

Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Here it is almost Thanksgiving – and already the Christmas decorations are up (not at our house – yet!)  and today we got  2  Christmas cards in the mail!  But – it seems to me Halloween was just a few days ago!  We are slowly getting into the Holiday swing ourselves.

Sid has been working on our Christmas Newsletter (newsy letter).  We will get copies made & send out instead of Christmas cards.  We have a huge christmas Party to go to onDecember 19th – a Retired Federal Employee Party.

The weekend of December 13th we plan to go to East Mesa with the trailer and "camp" out for  3  nights.  That morning I have a 25 mile bike ride over there that morning.  In the afternoon Sid & I have signed up to Ring the bells for Salvation Army.  The money collected goes toward Christmas for the less fortunate.  There are so many good causes out there!

Joe called me last night.  He was getting ready to go to Washington D.C. with some friends for Thanksgiving.  He had been to the travel agent and had actually bought his ticket to come to Phoenix on February 3rd until the 17th.  He is able to fly direct from New York City to Phoenix for $99 each way.  We are so glad to have him come out.  Joe will stay with us a few days but most of the time he will be staying in the trailer.

Would you be able to come out & stay with us while Joe is here?  We would sure like for you to come!  Maybe you could come about the end of January and stay at least 2 weeks.  There is a hospital supply store close-by where I could buy anything you might need.

I would be glad to find out the best connections between West Palm Beach & Phoenix.  And with my new-found fortune I'd be glad to help finance your trip!  Please think about it – we would be so happy to have you come.  Beside I know how BAD that Florida weather can be – and by end of January you will be ready for Sunny ARIZONA.  Sid has several new recipes he would like you to try – plus alot of his good food you have tried before!  Just let me know – I'll find out about the reservations!

I'm enclosing some pictures Sid took recently of a HOT AIR BALLOON RACE held here in Phoenix.  They are quite colorful & very BIG!  The big craze is here to go up in a hot air ballon – but the cost is over $100 for 45 minutes – so we an't get too excited about it!

Also sending a picture of me taken this last summer in Colorado when we went horseback riding.  It was August & I had on long underwear under my blue-jeans and also Sid's winter coat.

Next week I am attending the Arizona's Governor's Conference on Aging.  It will be on Wednesday and Thursday.  Pearl Bailey will be one of the special guests & speaker.  The new governor will also be there.

Senior Village is being represented at the conference by a poster that we had to put together for an exhibit about shared housing for Senior Citizens.

Next weekend you will be leaving for Florida – I hope you have a good trip.  You sure have had a taste of winter in Ohio this fall.  I don't think I could take that cold weather!

There is no rush but please send these pictures back.  I'll send them on to Sid's grandchildren.  Mom & Dad can send them back in a letter – no hurry!

I better go – need to get down to Senior Village.  This is the ideal job for me to have when you come out to visit us!  I have alot of flexibility in my hours plus you inspire all these Senior Village people – many who are in need of every bit of inspiration available!

Hello to Serena & Mary Virginia & Mom and Dad.

Much Love,

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