Friday, November 25, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to John -Nov.29

Roberta's Return address ––
4848 Seminole Dr. [YWCA]
San Diego

John's address at Denison ––
Slayter Box 2271

Nov. 29, 1976
Hi– How's school – almost out – are you ready for finals to be over?
I'm excited about you coming out – what would you like to do?  I am thinking maybe we could take a quick trip to Mexico – should be good for a laugh –

I turned down a $975 a month w/ the Hamburger people – McDonald's.  My girl friends out here think I've lost all good sense!  Someday we'll be in New Vienna – I have that factory in my blood – I'm getting excellent business experience now – tonight somebody called up – after using their pans 4 days they want their money back!  I was speech less!  I told them I'd stop by Saturday to discuss it.  Think I'll just offer them $10 for the used set – hoping they would rather keep the pans –

What about the bus connections out here – when will you be arriving?  I'll put the $ saved by not having a calculator toward your trip – does that sound fair?

Now Tuesday AM – got my case ready to go out – think you'll want a case so you can go out selling while you're here?

What's new in New Vienna – and the factory?  I miss it all – but then I like it out here too.  How does Mom seem to you – I just hope she is not doing too much –

What do you think about a present for Cris & wife?

Love, Roberta

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