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1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Nov.9

November 9, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your letter, wish I had a dollar for every letter I started to you . . . . or even a penny for everytime I thought about writing!!!  I wouldn't have to be out working!!!

I'm really enjoying my job now -- it's a riot -- can you imagine me selling pots and pans door to door.  Well, that is the latest in my lifetime of jobs.  Actually, I enjoy it a whole bunch -- but more than that the money is good.  I make ten dollars for every pan set I sell -- today  sold seven -- but that is the best I've ever done.  I really like the people I work with -- very strict Mormon people.  Also good sales people!!!

I sure hope you are planning to come out at Christmas time if it is at all possible.  I understand about the Washington deal -- just hope that you can combine your plans and also come out here.

The more I'm around Catherine and Gerry the more I think how lucky Catherine really is to have Gerry.  He is really very sincere -- and understanding.  [Thanks, Roberta – good to think of  our better times. . .]

How often do you come home?  I imagine you have a long weekend Thanksgiving weekend?  Will you be home the whole time?  Mother had a pretty serious operation but I'm sure they didn't stress that part.  She just needs to take it easy for awhile -- not lift too much, etc. for awhile.

I've met alot of really nice people in San Diego.  And surprisingly enough; almost all typical white middle class. (after spending a summer on the farm with all kinds of minorities, etc. . .  it's nice to know I can still communicate with my own kind.)

I did have a really nice letter from Liz about two weeks ago.  And have heard several times from Marion and I.T.  Of course I get Curtis's letters on a rather frequent basis.

Last Saturday the Morgans and myself went up to see the Bruces.  They haven't changed much.  She wears a wig now -- they are really amazing for their age and all.  They told these stories about how Mom had the job for the local paper of finding out the local gossip around town and how she would always call and try to find out anything new and exciting.  (kind of like what Mabel Davis would do -- if that wasn't before your time)

The Buick is still running -- almost 90 thousand, just two hundred miles short of it.

Do you hear from Annie or Sally at all?  I haven't heard from them for some time . . . . . did I tell you that I went up and had dinner with Sally's son who lives just North of here.  He reminded me alot of Skip in New Jersey -- not really the fun type like Sally.  I'm glad that Annie got herself a job.  At least this way she keeps herself busy and all.

John -- its getting late -- guess you hear of all my adventures through the family anyway.  I've had some experiences job wise out here.  I'm still in cohoots [sic] with the Hungary Years Restaurant -- Labor relations board in on the act.

Think I'll have a cup of tea and go to bed . . . . don't know what tomorrow will bring selling my pots and pats.  I wish you could see me with my little brown case and all.  Come out at Christmas and see for yourself.


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