Thursday, November 24, 2016

1976 GHU prayer & HH letter

Grandma wrote this prayer on a portion of the back of a letter she had received from HH.  Because of the attachments mentioned and the information about Roberta's return from India we can assume the letter was written in late February or early March, 1976.

Our Father we thank thee for our church home.  As we study this lesson, different denominations are mentioned.  May we think of them as taking different highways in reaching the heavenly home which you have prepared for us.

Help us to meet indifference with patience, criticism with love and opposition with courage.

Dear Father as we approach each new day may our faith and strength be renewed as we strive to serve thee.

In Jesus name, Amen.

[Feb./March 1976]

. . . . the weekend.

The enclosed letter from Roberta came yesterday – glad she is still having a great time.  Her tentative reservation is to return home at 9 P.M. on March 12th, leaving New Delhi that morning at 1 A.M.  That will be a day.  Was talking to Mildred Terrell yesterday who just got back from visiting Rosemary and her husband in Japan and she is already talking about going back next year.

The Dodds boy is the new Enquirer carrier, he told us he would have it around by 5:30 so we are going to start next Monday morning.  Wonder how long he will last?

Hope the sunshine quality and quantity are improving.


1975 Federal Income Tax Return
1976 Federal Income Tax Estimate
Roberta's letter with change of address.

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