Thursday, November 03, 2016

1986 Roberta's letter to GHU -Nov.8


Dear Grandma,

I have just come from this program ["It's Time to Move" fitness for adults 50+] – but now to try to get the people at Senior Village to "move" more!

It has turned to winter in Arizona – about 45º at night – but gets up to 70º in the afternoons!  Of course – that feels COOL to me!  But – it has been great weather to BICYCLE!  I now have 485 miles on my new bike.  Tomorrow I'm signed up for a 50 mile Sunday Breakfast ride – so the miles add up quickly!

Hopefully I'll be done in enough time to get home, take a quick shower & then Sid & I can get to 11:00 church.

We had a very successful Halloween party at Senior Village – everyone was in some type of costume – most of them came from my closet!  We played various games before lunch and then after lunch had an organ player come for a sing-a-long.  There was so much food – besides the regular lunch – we had popcorn, donuts & cider, & little candies!

I was dressed as a HOBO – didn't have my fingernails done this year – like I did last year when you were here!  I'm sorry you weren't here for a visit this year – but I do understand that it is hard on you to travel!  Just let us know if you change your mind – we will be at the airport to pick you up!

My 106 mile bike trip is in 2 weeks – November 22.  If you would like to donate money to Diabetes Association feel free to send me a check made out to them.  I'm trying to raise money for the cause!

There are so many good causes – tomorrow I'm taking part in a 6 mile walk for world hunger.  There is a group going from our church and I'm going with them.  Between the Bike Ride and the walk I'll sleep well tomorrow night!  Tuesday is Veteran's Day – holiday from work – so Sid & I & a friend Doris, plan to hike an all-day hike in the Superstition Mountains over in Apache Junction. (Near where the Hamiltons live – where we went to Church.)

Last Saturday the three of us went hiking at South Mountain – we had not been there since just after we were married.  In fact we went up there then just for the ride & view when most of Sid's family & Uibles were still here.

This time of year is great for hiking – Sid has been getting out about every other day hiking!  So he is in good shape for the 12-15 mile hike we plan to do Tuesday!

Grandma – I need to get going!  Would you want to come out to Arizona when Joe is out here?  Actually we would like you to come anytime – especially during the nice months – now till April!  (But the next 2 weeks would be hectic for us – while I'm in training for the 106 mile bike ride.)  I'm hoping to do it in 6 hours – unless it is a windy day!


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