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1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Nov.14

November 14, 1976

Dear John,

Hi – Was neat to talk to you today – and to hear the news about you being in Washington D.C.  where will you live & just exactly what will you be doing?  Maybe I should come w/ my pots & pans & see if its a good selling area!!

Anyway – I'm glad for you – I just hope you can come out here before – say if you want to spend Christmas at home – then leave just after – that way you could spend a good week or so here – even maybe fly from here to D.C.

Well – I'm happy for you –– it will be good experience for you – and besides Washington is lucky to have you!

How does Mother seem to you?  Sometimes I feel like I should be at home – but then too its good that I'm out here on my own – tho – I've got the Morgans for moral & financial (if & when needed) support.  They don't offer spiritual help ––

Do you like Denison?  Is it harder / easier – or maybe a comparison can't be made w/ Exeter.

I'll probably be back at the farm next summer – I've got to admit – I like it there.  It has its problems – but that's true for life in general.

What about you – I understand you would rather be in Washington D.C. – but I hope you'll go back.  It's even neater the 2nd year – somehow you learn to accept the whole thing more.  I'd just like to do the hiring –

I hope you come out – if anything as far as me going cross country – it will be in January – Christmas will be a busy time for me business wise.

I work w/ the neatest people – they used to be Jewish – now strict Mormon.  So different than the nasty people I had to mess w/ for 3 days in Hungry Years Soup Kitchen.

Take care ––


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