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1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.16

November 16, 1976

Dear Family,

Hi!  I've got a cake in the oven, so thought while I am waiting on it, I'd get a letter started.  Got your letter today, along with the many newspaper articles.  Thanks for all the reading material.  I still can't believe that they sold J and W, they were only talking about it for the last five years.  Have you been in there since it is under new management . . . . . see they expanded their hours, etc.

As far as Hungry Years soup kitchen goes, I've got the Labor Relations board on the case now.  All I want is to be paid for three days work.  I don't think that is too much to ask for.  Since I'm going through them actually I should be able to get more money, because I had to claim how many hours I had worked in those three days, then I'll get 2.30 an hour.  I talked to the nice guy (ha) that hired me today, and he wasn't super friendly.  The story was the same, the check had been put in the mail . . . . . which is the same story I was told all last week.  The way the story goes is that it was just put in the mail that morning, or maybe the evening before.

I'm still enjoying my pots and pans business, my Spanish is improving, I can make a sale completely in Spanish, of course its not as lengthy as I make in English, but I get the basic ideas across.  One Spanish woman paid me in full – which is quite all right.  I'm thinking about offering a dollar or so off if I've got a customer that can pay in full, and vice versa --- telling them I have to add a charge of a dollar if they can't put down but two dollars.  I got two telephone calls tonight (since 9:00 - when I came home from seeing the Morgans) about customers wanting to order sets for their friends.  One set I'm to deliver Saturday, the other set not till December 18th.

Had a nice card today from the Bruces, inviting us up for Turkey, etc. on Thanksgiving.  We had already decided to eat out, but am going to drop in on them later in the afternoon.  She is having all her family over . . . guess her brother who lives here, and his children who are about our age.  It was nice of her to invite us.  We called her up, and she said it would be fine for us to come in the afternoon . . . (after lunch) we didn't tell her that we were going to eat out.  It was Gerry's idea to pay them the little visit in the afternoon.

My roommate's mother is coming down this weekend -- from Santa Barbara.  I'm going to spend the night at the Morgans . . . they will be spending the weekend with Mickey Mouse, etc. at Disneyland.  This way Janice's mother can sleep in my bed, instead of on the floor as first planned.

Sally and her husband (from the farm) are going to be here at Christmas time . . . they are planning on going to the big parade on New Year's Day . . . and have invited me to go with them.  Guess the plan is now to leave early that morning . . . thus save the hassle of finding a motel, etc.  I'd like to come home, but the money part is pretty steep, and besides maybe later in the year as the weather gets better like May, or June. (ho, hum)  I'm baking my cake (blueberry -- weight watchers special) in my skillet . . . they say the handles are heat resistant, and keeps it's shine, since I always tell my customers that I want to check this out for sure.

Got to go.


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