Wednesday, November 16, 2016

1986 Roberta's Letter - Nov.25


Hi ––

Here's the latest JAG [?] letter –

January would be a great month to be here.  We will probably reserve the trailer space at "The View" from 1/26 - 2/23.  That way you all can stay with us a few days & we will plan on coming East (to Apache Junction) a time or 2 to see you all.  We stopped at The View last week (or 2 ago) when we hiked & the park is filling up nicely with lots & lots of activities!  It's a real R.V. Resort!  Sid & I will plan to make the scene there between 2/17 - 2/24.

I have to work Thanksgiving – but hope to get in a bike ride in the afternoon.

Sid is planning a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner just for the 2 of us – we will enjoy leftovers – probably till Christmas for the turkey.  In time for another BIG BIRD.  (at 19¢ per pound – when you buy $50.00 groceries!)

I ordered a VCR tape of Tour de Tucson – will send you all a picture that Sid took –

Much Love –

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