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1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.11

Nov. 11, 1976

Dear Family –

Hi!  Time goes by – always think I'll have more time later to write – you know how the story goes.

Again – my job schedule has changed – I'm no longer with Two-4-One – last night was my last night.  I really didn't mind it – except for the amount of smoke in such a small room!  And it was an experience –

So now I'm a full time pots & pans sales person – (via Stanley!).  Today I went out w/ Fred & Pauline for the morning – got 5 orders & then went out 1 hour this afternoon & got 3 orders!  It's a good combination – I enjoy it & a good profit is there.  I'm learning Spanish – from my customers – but tonight (how nice it is not to have to work!) I called the Adult Education of East San Diego – I can start Spanish lessons 1st of the year for a total of 50¢!  Registration fee – actually the class itself is cheap – and best part of it – is location of the classes is within a mile of YWCA – held in a high school.

You'll never believe this – Trane sent me a check for $3- too much.  I called them & explained it all & they said to enjoy spending it and thanks for calling.  It paid me to work for Trane – because as I said – that is how I met Pauline.

Just wish I had such luck with Hungry Years – as I'm still trying to get a check out of them – suppose to get it a week ago Wednesday.  1st they said they wouldn't mail it, then I was told it had been mailed – now today I called & again they say it was just put in the mail.  I'm ready to call the Labor Relations people – and have them in on the case.  I started to call them in the 1st place – because of the way they treat employees.  I'm very curious to see how cheap they figured they could get by paying me!

I've lost my address book – even cleaned up my room looking for it.  I found alot of stuff – but not the address book!

Went over to Morgans this afternoon – 1st time I had seen them since we went to see the Bruces.  But I talk to them over the phone alot –

I'm learning alot about Mormons – like they believe you should keep 1 years supply of food stored in your home.  They really take an anti-stand on smoking & alcohol – I really like Pauline & Fred and I'm getting used to not drinking tea – from 8 AM to night.  I eat my lunch w/ them – they invited me to have Thanksgiving w/ them – but Morgans, DeeDee & myself plan something.  How about yourselves?

And you are planning to come out at Christmas – what color of pans would be best for you?  Remember – limited supplies!  (HA!)

I can only tell that winter is coming by the time change – gets dark about 5:00-5:30 pm.  Probably start out w/ pots & pans some evenings (Now Friday morning) – Last night went to bed at 10 pm & what a difference – used to eat my supper at 10pm.

Raining – we need it.  Also will be a good day to sell – more people at home.

Hope all of you are all right – (or better),  I got a long letter from Sandy Hazelbaker – Keeps me up on the changes at the factory – such as they run paddles over on the other side now.  Good thinking!  We're selling pots & pans in some poor areas – I'v seen lots of jacks & balls!!

Got to eat & off to work –


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