Sunday, November 20, 2016

1956 College St. House Timeline - Aug.-November


Congregation Mtg after SS voted 37-36 to go ahead

Church board agreed.

(Labor Day) Plasterers arrived & did 3 bedrooms, 1 bath & hall + 4 closet ceilings

Finished plastering.

Bricklayers finally arrived after promising to come July 1.  (Did lay chimney earlier but didn't stay to do any more).  Now really on the job.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving
Waldo Cornelius & Jack Walker helped us move in!  Worked from about 7:30-12:30.  Found $12.00 on chair afterwards which no one claimed.

If you use your imagination the following picture shows the 66 East College Street residence under construction during which time the greater back yard area was still a corn field.  The garden must have had plenty of volunteer corn for years to come.

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Serena said...

Remember the tree house and swing in the tree beside the driveway?

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