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1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.8

Monday pm –
[actually  Nov. 8,1976]

Dear Family,

Hi!  Thanks for calling – We had a good day with the Bruces – they both look good – their place was really neat too – stuff from all over the world – including India!

Mother, Mrs. Bruce reminds me so much of you – has a "miracle oven" and loves it – makes granola, etc!

I know this must sound crazy but I really enjoy going door to door selling Stanley – and of course my pots & pans!  (more $ in the latter)  Today I sold 5 sets – in about 3 hours total time – I enjoy the part of meeting the people – and the challenge of selling – I have the people making a decision as to what color would match their kitchen before they realize it!  I also really like the people I work for – you'll have to meet them at Christmas – only don't ask for tea or coffee around them – HA!

Also – and this will surprise you – I'm learning Spanish – just enough to make a sale – as so many Spanish (Mexican) always say – No English.  Pauline and her husband have been teaching me – I used it some today, but come to find out the ones that said "no English" – actually could speak some –  My Spanish:  "Espaniol? Pequita . . . . . comprende, Especial (they love the word) Then I show them the picture, and explain cook eggs (huevos) and cheese (chorizo) ?? and no se pega (won't stick) No graza (no grease) permanenta interior  At Sears, May Company setente dollars (seventy dollars)  Especial viente nueve nueve cinto ---- deliver .... colores  oro, verde, or cafe.

Needless to say I'll be really happy when I make my first sale in Spanish!!!

I've been at the YWCA a month now – doesn't seem possible . . . seems like I've met so many people, etc.  I'm excited about taking a beginners bridge class here starting the first of the year.  Whoever dreamed it a year ago.  Saturday night the Bruces and us played cards for an hour or so . . . it was kinda funny because I always had the worst hands possible . . . but it was alot of fun.  I got the cook book in the mail on Saturday . . . all new & different recipes . . . I've already put it to good use.  Thanks!  Yesterday I made an eggplant-onion dish.  Tomorrow morning I will have oatmeal banana cookies . . . a new recipe from the second edition of the same cook book.  I had to pay $8.50 for it . . . a terrible price . . . but then I figure it would pay for itself if I did without eating out for a while.  I've won alot of small prizes at work (two for one).  i won a neat flashlight, and tonight won a small AF/FM radio.  They try to keep us motivated with the prizes.  Friday night I did terrible (had a big day . . . and just too tired to do anything right – but tonight I sold seven – I'd like to quite the job – so I could spend more time selling pots and pans – or just to have the luxury of deciding for myself whether or not I would work every evening.  Its hard to say what I'll do -- of course Bonnie and other at work can't figure out why I want to quit.  I've enjoyed it alot – money and prizes I can't complain about either.  The only thing that does bother me – or the most is the amount of smoke in the room.  I think besides myself there is one other person who doesn't smoke.  When you consider a dozen smokers in a small room – and on this type of job – there is alot of smoking.  I've become a doodler – just imagine yourself on the telephone for four hours straight saying more or less the same thing.

Mother, I hope you are not doing too much.  I hear that Mary Virginia turned quite domestic while you were in the hospital.  Doing clothes and cooking dinner.

Last night I was called from a Pancake house for graveyard shift waitress two nights a week.  I did consider it – but turned it down.  Feel like I got enough irons in the fire for now.  Besides I had to go out and buy a white uniform, white shoes, etc. . .  which discouraged me . . . had that not been the case I would have tried it out for awhile.

It is getting late – morning always comes fast.  I want to get my rest so I can get out there in the morning and sell those pots and pans.  Actually I do pretty good selling Stanley . . . me that knows nothing about mops and such . . . I always say "good product" when even I'm questioned.  Today I got a book explaining all about Stanley goods from Pauline so I'll be experienced in the line of Stanley . . . but so far I have outsold her in Stanley except for one day!!!  Fred (her husband) doesn't push Stanley at all – just uses it to get in the door – then makes a remark about "probably too busy to look at the catalog, but I want to show you our special"  In my opinion it sure beats working at Sears . . . unless I've got a dog barking at me, or a cat trying to jump on my lap.

Hope all is well . . .


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