Wednesday, November 23, 2016

1986 Velma McGrew letter to Roberta

Velma McGrew(1900-1989) was a friend of GHU, living in a building adjacent to the CJ Uible garage apartment in Lake Worth.  In 1938 she married Harry Clark McGrew (1883-1958), had been married previously and had three children by his first wife who died in 1912.  Harry and Velma were both born in the Sharonville, Ohio area.  Velma moved to Florida in about 1962.

 [Undated but estimated to have been written in September 1986]

Dear Roberta

It is high time I acknowledge your cards mailed from various parts of the world.  I do appreciate the fact that you think of me when you are on these vacation trips, and that you take time out to write me a card.

Your mountain [the Superstitions or one in Colorado?] is a new one to me; I have not seen it, and tried to picture you as you scaled its slopes.  Did you reach the top?  I have not visited the southwest in our country and I know it must be as beautiful as the northwest.

When my knee surgery was over I thought I had a few more years to travel but full recovery took 18 months; then on the heels of that I had eye surgery and a year later, water on the retina of my good eye, so these took care of any traveling.

I have had some nice trips which I can enjoy in retrospect.

I will be glad when cooler weather comes as this is about to get me.  Thanks goodness for air conditioning, even if I do not like to live with it.

Friend Viola, whom you met, and I sit out in the cool of the evenings and hate to come inside, but eventually we must.

I enjoy the fresh fruits of the season and eat my share.

The Hortons visited a few places in England this summer that I had been to in 1965.  Mary wrote me about their trip soon after their return.

With Love,

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