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1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.28

Nov. 28, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm enjoying a lazy afternoon in bed – not that I'm sick – just too cold to be out (65º outside) – so I'm laying in bed drinking tea w/ my blanket  & sleeping bag over me!!

We had a nice Thanksgiving – it seemed funny to eat out – but of course did have its advantages too!!  We got up to Bruces about 4:00 or so.  The 1st thing I did was go to sit down where there wasn't a chair.  Somehow I thought I had seen one.  Good thing John wasn't there – he would have never quit laughing!  It was funny!

My work is going fine – so fine that when McDonalds (the Hamburger people) called on Friday & I returned their call yesterday morning – I turned down their offer at $975 a month manager candidate program.  right now I'm enjoying going door to door – making good money and with my plans unsettled I think it's an ideal job.  Actually I've almost decided to go back to school.  I want to be able to work while doing it so my selling job would be ideal.

Fred has the exclusive on selling door-to-door for all the United States with West Bend Company.  I can't figure out why West Bend would do such a thing.  All Fred has to do is to sell so many per month. He would like me to get 2 people under me and then I could make $12 off each set I sell and if I let the ones under me make $10 per set then I would make $2 off each set they sell.  It would mean more money – but alot more headaches.  I might do it just between now & Christmas.  I've enjoyed taking life easy –doing alot of reading – working the crossword puzzle everyday in the paper (sign of prosperity – I started taking the morning paper!)

The selling part I enjoy – the paper work I make very simple.  I'm getting lots of referrals now – I always try to stress the idea of limited supply – especially if hey want a gold set.  (We really have plenty – but gold is the most popular – so I try to get them thinking its now or never.)  I've got a list of telephone calls to make after a week or so – people who wanted a set – but I couldn't get them to order.

I've found where I don't get an order on the spot – it's the exception that I'll get one over the telephone from them.  so I usually try to push the idea – you should order one – in the color you want then if you change your mind – just call me.  (That's where alot of them say – I have to check w/ my husband) then gently I push for a deposit – Saturday when delivering I picked up 7 more orders.  These are all referrals – but it doesn't bother me to give out a few dollars for each order delivered.

Next week will be my biggest delivery yet – 1st of the month – I'm not even going to wait till Saturday – I'll be out there Thursday & Friday afternoon knocking on doors!!  I wish I had a good delivery boy – especially for the Watkins orders – I think its to my advantage to deliver the pans myself – in hopes of course of getting more orders.  This last week I had Watkins, Stanley & pans to deliver.  Next week will be my last Stanley order – Watkins puts out a nice catalogue –lots of good spices, extracts, health aids (some funny – like beef, iron & wine tonic).  Also has a line of cleaning products – for people that know Watkins name – they really brag about it.  Really I don't care if they buy Watkins or not – I just want a relaxed customer so they will buy the pans.

I hope you understand about my staying here over the holidays – not that I don't want to be home.  I'm glad J.B. is planning to come out – it will be good to have him out here & I know Catherine & Gerry will enjoy his being here.

They are still pushing the idea of all of us moving in a 2 bedroom apartment but I have such a good deal here – not just price wise – but location – etc.  I'm just a 15 minute walk to San Diego State University – about 10 minutes or less drive.  It's a cozy little place upstairs – and evenings & weekend we have the whole place!

I sent you all a small package – don't save it till Christmas – as far as Christmas goes, I had the brilliant idea to make some things – which of course progress is not being made like it should – so please expect delayed arrival.

Mary Virginia – I had a letter from Marian – she said she had sent your things.  I wrote her about going East & she said if I wanted to I could drive to Illinois w/ her then let her off – take the van to Ohio – could you imagine having that wild van in New Vienna?

I had Pauline & Fred's son give the Buick a tune-up.  He bought the parts & all – would take only $5 for labor so it was about $15 total.  As he said – it's in good shape – it's a good car for delivery – lots of space – and not that bad on gasoline.  Maybe some day I'll have to buy a Van – HA!  Actually – if anything I'd like to have a small car – but as long as the Buick runs ––


Just now came from seeing the Morgans – they were playing cards – I finally brought the T.V. home that I bought for $15 – Gerry fixed it – works on 3 channels – 1 of them being channel #2.

Hope you are all fine – I think tonight I'll sleep inside the sleeping bag!  54º out now.


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