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1976 Catherine's Letter to John -Nov.27

November 27, 1976
Dear John,

Sorry we didn't reply to your reply to our reply . . . sooner.  I guess by now you have heard that you are going to Washington.  At least that is what I gathered from what Roberta told me that Mom said.  However, we are still waiting to hear whether you are coming to California.  You are welcome to come at Christmas or any other time that might fit into your schedule.  I wouldn't wait too many years though as we don't plan to live here in Calif. forever.  If you do decide to wait then you could always find out whether we had moved or not.  Family news seems to travel fairly fast.  Especially with Roberta here in San Diego.  If you are coming to Calif. at Christmas please let us know soon so that we won't mail your Christmas present to Ohio.  Of course, maybe you would rather that we did that anyway.

Did Serena forget when your birthday was?  Or is she just behind the times?  I wish I knew what to get her for Christmas.  Really the only present I have bought is one for Mary Virginia.  It's all wrapped and ready to be mailed.  We have also bought most of Deedee's stuff.  We got her a Baby Alive, Mod Hair Ken, Lite-Brite, roller skates, dictionary, and some other assorted items, including a monopoly game.

Did you go home for Thanksgiving?  We took Roberta & Deedee out to dinner at the Hanalei Hotel.  They had a buffet with both traditional turkey & trimmings as well as Hawaiian dishes.  It was a really good dinner.  Afterwards we went to the Bruces.  Mrs. Bruces brother and sister were there as well as the brother's wife and three of their children.  Their son is the same age as you.  The two daughters who were there were 24 & 28.  Altogether I guess there are six children in the family – five girls and the one son, so somebody else perhaps was in a worse situation that you.  Or better?

How is Mary Virginia doing?  She never says much on the telephone.  Do you think she will go to Hudson Guild next summer?  Are you planning to go there?  I thought maybe she could come out and spend some time with us.  Oh well, "Only the future will tell us what is to come in the days ahead."

[Love, Catherine]

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