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1976 Roberta's Letter -Nov.22

November 22, 1976
Dear Grandma,

Hi!  How does it feel to be down in Florida again . . . . year went fast, huh? It doesn't seem like that long ago, when we went to get you at the airport last year on your trip from Florida.  I hope your wheel chair, walker, etc made the same trip you did, I'll never forget how they didn't make the same flight here in San Diego.

I'm waiting for my supper to cook.  Luckily, the office (which is really in the hallway, just outside the kitchen is so close so I can get started on this letter and at the same time within watching and smelling distance of the kitchen.

My business is going well . . . . in fact I've decided to hire a delivery boy to help me do my deliveries on Saturday.  The trouble I have is finding people home after noontime on Saturday, and I have too many to get them all done myself by that time.  My biggest deliveries will be on the first of the month . . . . alot of military people here, plus alot of welfare people.  I'm doing better than I ever dreamed, I enjoy it alot, which makes for a nice job . . . . especially when I think how I disliked it and was treated at the Restaurant.  I'll never work for a place that takes advantage of their employees.

Gerry made reservations for all of us to eat out Thanksgiving.  I think it beats all the work involved in having the traditional lunch.  How was it at my house?????  I just hope my Mother is not overdoing it.  She doesn't seem to know how to take it easy.

I've played very little cards since I hurt my finger.  I am able to use my thumb now much better, but then I'm busy doing lots of different stuff (such as organizing my work) so little time left for idle games.

I'm glad the figs made it to Ohio, you know I was thinking about dates when I got those, that is what happens when I get in too big of a hurry.  I shop at the neatest fruit and vegetable stand not far from here.  They know me there by name now.  Grapefruit have finally come to a decent price -- ten for a dollar.  Their vegetables are really good -- just wish I had someone to do all the busy work on the cooking side here.  But, the taste sure beats anything frozen or canned.  Got to go for now . . . . .


[Grandma writes: This came to-day. Tues.]

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