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1986 Family Letter - Nov.16

November 16, 1986

Dear Family:

After Church today the three of us went to Leesburg to eat . . .  Mother always enjoys going there and she has enough food left over that Monday's lunch is on hand.  We are glad that she is using the microwave oven more.  Just hope that we can all be that alert when we too are 94 years plus.

Sorta wound up the yard work yesterday, cutting the spots of high grass, putting the leaves in the garden and putting up more stakes for young trees that were not straight.  Our brussel sprouts are still growing plus plenty of carrots to eat.

They announced this past week that the Wilmington News Journal and some other papers had been sold to the Brown Publishing Co. in Blanchester.  Of course, the change in tax rates in 1987 gives companies an incentive to sell in 1986. . . Wells maybe is missing the boat there.

We are looking forward to having Serena, Carol and John here for M.V.'s recital on the 25th and for an early Thanksgiving Dinner on the 26th.  M.V. said she would fix everything but the turkey for that evening.  The new steak restaurant in Wilmington has broken ground and Ponderosa there is still being remodeled.

Next Saturday is Roberta's BIG bike day (106 miles) . . . we are sure it will be an experience that she will remember.  If your Dad was younger he would still go for that cross country bike trip. [Which he did a couple years later.]

We've been calling Serena for over two weeks and leaving messages on her answering service.  Hope everything is OK with her.  We could call her at Roosevelt but now she is a temporary help someplace.

We've also tried to reach John & X to tell them we are looking for them Tuesday and will have Thanksgiving dinner late Wednesday afternoon.  M.V. has classes til 1:00 that day.

Wish we could all be together.

Much, much love,
Dad & Mother

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