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1976 Roberta's Letter to GHU -Nov.14

Nov 14, 1976
Dear Grandma –

Hi!  Was good to talk to all the family today – but sorry I called just when dinner was ready!  I'm enclosing the card from Rob – it's only 2 months late in getting to you.  I cleaned up my room & found it – I just now wrote him – bet he'll be surprised to get a note from me. (especially one w/ a picture of a cat!)

When are you going to Florida?  Without Rob it will be quiet at 1025 North B Street.  But I'm glad Rob went away to school – it's what he needed.

I had a long letter from Aunt Mary – guess they all had a good time when Mares & family came down.    I'm glad you are planning on going to the wedding.  I think that maybe I'll try to make it – stay here at Christmas time – that way I could see everybody and also not lose out on any possible Christmas sales.  Except for an occasional day – I really enjoy my job – I'm beginning to get alot of referrals from my customers for other people who want a set – I give them a $4.00 discount off their set then – but I'm dropping that to $3.00 and see if it affects my amount of referrals.

Today I went to church – then to my friends for lunch – we went after lunch to Coronado – it's kind of like the Palm Beach of San Diego.  We went to the Del Coronado Hotel – like the Breakers – very fancy and expensive.  Just to get to the island it cost 60¢ toll each way.  President Nixon ate there in 1970 – I went w/ the woman whose refrigerator I cleaned out & her friend from Phoenix.  I looked at the breakfast menu – ham & 2 eggs – $5.95 – we just looked around – toll $ was all we spent.  People were swimming in outdoor pool.  I carry sweater w/ me.


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