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1976 Catherine's Letter to GHU -Oct.26

October 26, 1976

Dear Grandma,

Thanks you for your letter. I'm glad that you had a safe trip home complete with walker and wheelchair.  We were certainly happy that you were able to visit us here in San Diego and that you had a good trip to Hawaii.  We have been enjoying having Roberta here in the same area with us.  Roberta and I hadn't been anywhere near each other for at least 10 years during which we have both done alot of different things but it is good that we get along so well now.  Even now that she has her room at the YWCA she still comes over here to use the telephone, do her laundry (and ours too half of the time), and other things.  She bought a used TV for $15 over the weekend and left it here also.

When I got your letter mentioning "Jack Frost" I was telling Roberta over the telephone that I had heard from you and she asked what was new in New Vienna.  I told her that Jack Frost had been there and she said "Who's he?"  She doesn't seem to miss the cold weather any.  I can't say that I really miss it but it doesn't really seem possible that it could be almost November.  I'm used to having the weather determine what time of year it is.

I hear that Marianne and Larry are going to have an addition to their family.  I'm sure they must be excited, but I hope Budsy doesn't get neglected after being the center of attention for so long.

We have been working pretty hard during the week and trying to do something with Deedee on the weekends.  The weekend before last we went ice skating, and last weekend we went to the beach.  In November we are going to Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm.  Didn't you and Roberta go to Knotts?

Well, Grandma, we look forward to hearing from your again soon.  Are your plans definite yet about going to Florida, the wedding, etc.?

Catherine & Gerry

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