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1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.5

Oct. 5, 1976
Dear Family,

Hi!  Wish I had been prepared w/ some stationery this morning – went to the Public Health Clinic to get my food-handlers permit – what an experience jut to sit down there & wait.  The test itself just took a minute – but my what people were down there.  At least it was free!  I go back on Thursday to get the results!

The man I need to meet w/ about the DQ job won't be back till tomorrow – he's in Las Vegas for the day – hope he doesn't lose a bunch of $ – then come back to San Diego in a bad mood!  He's been in the "East" (common word here) for a conference.

Yesterday I filled out 38 job applications plus stopped in at the 2 agencies.  Some places I play up my education – other places I keep quiet.

I also called up Joan of Arc Residence today – will move in there tomorrow.  I have the room – as I requested – and she kept it open for me – on 3rd floor – close to the elevator.  It really is well located – if you have a city map of San Diego – it's at the corner of Beach / 3rd.  It's got the Cath. Church just across the street.  Also the place for Senior Citizens, Bookshop, etc. (all run by the Catholics)

As for my bank book – I don't seem to have it – so if you try to find it – best of luck.  It should be at the house though – because I had it in New Jersey.  I do need the money though – if not to pay the employment agency – then to live on. (Ho, Hum!)  Actually I'm under no contract to stay – so should all places of business fail to see a hard worker – I'll be moving on.  It will just take time to tell.

Of course I would love to get into Restaurant Management – but at the same time I've got applications in for waitress jobs at all kinds of places – from coffee shops – to places w/ 4 stars in the Mobile Tour Guide Book.

I went back to Weight Watchers last night – it won't be as easy as it might be living out here w/ out a place (kitchen) of my own – but I know I can do it.  Besides its a good way of meeting people.

Please send the $ as soon as possible.  Maybe its only 1400 hundred – I really don't remember.  What a sad story – I came out to make $ to travel – and now I'm spending that $ to get a job – I'll be happy when I get my account build up again.

I've got lots of free stationery now to use – and thanks to you all – plenty of stamps!

As for any tapes that arrive addressed for me – please continue to send them back.  Thanks!

Aloha Mary Virginia!  Have you heard from Marian?  Some weekend or whenever I'm off – I'd like to go & visit her.  On the US map it looks just like a short distance between here & Phoenix – at least compared to Ohio.  Remember Sally – she has a son out here – has called me twice (from NYC) about calling him ––

Got to go ––

Will let you all know something definite whenever I do.

G'ma – When is your meeting – you will have alot to talk about – hope the pineapple kept OK till you have your meeting.  Just let me know when you want to go to Hawaii again – I'm like Delta Airlines – "Ready – when you are."


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