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1976 Roberta's Injury & letter to MV -Oct.17

October 17, 1976

Dear Mary Virginia,

Hi!  How is everything?  Now that I can't play cards (actually I can still play – just can't shuffle) I should be able to get all kinds of letters out now – but you should feel privileged – you're the 1st one!

You would laugh if you saw my left hand now – around the thumb there is a piece of metal  with foam rubber type padding.  It's about 3 times bigger than the size it should be.  At least I'm thankful it's my left hand.

Yesterday I had my appointment w/ the man that does the hiring for McDonalds – He said I would have to go to L.A. for 2 weeks training at their expense – I said that would be ok.  He also said that there would be another interview – probably mid November.  He asked about my thumb and wanted to know if I was accident prone.

  1. Yesterday afternoon I had 2 telephone calls about jobs – one as a waitress, the other one working in the office of an insulating company.  I have interviews w/ them tomorrow & Tuesday.  I've got a feeling that neither of them will be wild of a 9 fingered employee!

Actually the job I hope to get – is the one at Hungry Years Soup Kitchen – they have a really neat salad bar – w/ mushrooms cauliflower, broccoli, etc. etc. in it – plus they make homemade soups.  The only thing that bothers me about them is that they serve beer & wine' and I'd just as soon not work in a place that does.  It is fixed up really nice – old time music box, very old fashioned.

The hours are pretty good – and the people that own it have big plans – I told them when they open up one in Hawaii, I'd like to be transferred!

I'd like you to do me a big favor – somewhere up in the 2nd floor of the factory is a cook-book called "Dieters Gourmet" cook-book.  It is paperback – would you send that to me?  Thanks!  Also if you see my tapes – which should be in my room in a box.  And, last request – if you see some Avon perfume sticks – please enclose them.  I want to send them to India as gifts.

Catherine & I had a good laugh about Mares – Budsy is going to have competition now – but I'm sure the grandparents can handle it.  [Marianne must have announced her pregnancy – Wesley was born in May 1977.]

When do you get off for Christmas?

Catherine, Gerry & Dee-Dee went ice skating yesterday.  They wanted me to go – but I figured I better watch my steps for awhile.  (like adjusting my windows – actually I was on my bed when the accident happened.)

I'm enclosing a little present I meant to send back w/ G'ma – my way of saying "Aloha" – you would like Hawaii – and Ito would have you in stitches – I'm glad John wasn't there – I had a hard time keeping serious myself.  He kept asking if I felt at home – and always saying – you like it – keep it.  It's yours.

I know you're busy w/ T.V. & all  but write when you can – and really appreciate your sending my things.


Dr.'s bill and diagram of fingers enclosed.

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