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1976 Get Well Card from MUH -Oct.

The Wilmington News-Journal of Oct. 28, 1976 includes the name of Mrs. Harold Uible, New Vienna, in the Clinton Memorial Hospital News under admissions.  I am fairly sure this was for a hysterectomy though I doubt that was quite the public news that would have been shared.  Mother probably thought it was bad enough to have her name in the hospital news.  She received lots and lots of Get Well cards, but we will focus on this one from Aunt Mary.  Mrs. Uible is mentioned in the November 4, 1976 among the dismissals from the hospital on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

Monday AM

Dear Jean:

If it weren't for G'Ma and her NEWS BULLETINS, we'd never know what was happening to the H.H. UIBLES!  HA!  Sorry to learn you had to make a trip to the hospital.  How are you doin' anyway?   Are you home now and up and about?  (Maybe I'll get some answers in Mother's next ltr.???)  I bet you have had a lot of discomfort but I know you're GLAD, "Thats over with"!  Wonder if I'm headed for the same route????  I have a history of bladder infections . . . had another attack as soon as I got back from vacation this summer and the Dr. said I should see an Urologist . . . . . just keep putting it off!  That's neither here nor there . . . just hope you're soon UP & RUNNING and back on that tennis court and planning the NEXT TRIP . . . . maybe near SAUDI ARABIA?  However, from what Joe tells us of the inflationary prices and tourists not welcome, we should think of a place near there?????

MV . . . have you been chief cook and bottle washer while Mom was in the hospital?  Did you do the cooking for your Dad or did you two 'eat out'???  Must seem strange to not have everyone home . . . . do people ask you what you're doing in the "BIG HOUSE"?  We get this all the time; especially when most of our friends are in their 70s and they think Bill should retire??????  MV, what are you up to this school year???? Doing anything NEW or DIFFERENT?   And what do you all hear from Serena?  I've had NOTES from Roberta which I appreciate . . . wonder how her job is going????  And I know John is doing great at college!

There isn't much news to tell you since I hope you get to read G'Ma's letters and I try to keep her INFORMED!  HA!

Anyone watch 'GONE WITH THE WIND" last nite?  Not as dramatic on a small screen but still a great movie . . . going out tonight and I'm disappointed I won't see the ending . . . been so long since I've seen the picture forget the outcome.

It's to go down in the 50's tonight . . . . we're in for a weather change!  Everyone will be SNIFFLING!

What are your plans for the winter . . . . if any?  Are you going to attend Cris's wedding?  Would MV be allowed to go?  Wish she could be with you.  What are your plans here . . . . enroute to another point of interest or just what????  As it stands now we're flying up on the WED. before the wedding and want to stay at a motel near Cris . . . . we will probably have to rent a car.  Would you be driving or flying?  Are you staying over and if so would you want to be at the same hotel we're at?  We have made reservations for Mother also.  Meeting Rob in TAMPA on the same day and he will join us on the Delta Flight.  I think we will come back on SUNDAY or maybe Monday . . . . I'm not sure on this . . . . . we're not counting on going on up to Mares . . . . . as she is pregnant (and will look OVERLY SO at the wedding . . . ha) and they will have had a big week-end and NO ROOM at the place where they live.  Thought it would be easier on Mother if the weather is bad to stay put in Philly.  Any suggestions or your plans you can pass info on to Mother and she can RELAY same when she arrives.

I think I have lost Serena's address . . . . can't remember what I did with it . . . ha . . . . . so G'ma can give that to me also.

Just got back from taking Aunt Sarah to hair dresser for a permanent . . . . if she doesn't get it set it will look ?????? in a few weeks.  I wouldn't mind taking her but she doesn't want to spend ANY MONEY!

Jean, just wanted you to know WE'RE THINKING about you . . . hope you will soon be back to normal and feeling BETTER THAN EVER!


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