Sunday, October 02, 2016

1976 GHU's Kings Canyon Postcard -Sep.28

Kings Canyon postcard -mailed 1976.  Captioned: KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA.  GRIZZLY FALLS, located near Cedar Grove, is a beautiful sight in the spring and early summer.
Tues. evening [Sept. 28, 1976]

I certainly wouldn't like to make my home in San Fran.  The streets are too hilly.  Thanks to R. good driving & the reliable Buick we have made them up & down.  Drove over the Golden bridge in the rain & fog this morning.  Roberta is spending the evening with a girl she met at Hudson Farm.. Things are more expensive here.

Love, Mother

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Mary Crowson said...

It occurs to me that of the five of us, Roberta and I did NOT inherit Grandma's excellent penmanship.....

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