Saturday, October 15, 2016

1976 Roberta's letter to GHU -Oct.14


Dear Grandma,

Hi!  Thanks alot for your letter – which came yesterday.  I've been busy looking for work – actually I've had a couple of job offers I've turned down – like selling Kirby vacuum sweepers.  They wanted to put me through a one week training program – without pay – I figured those could be job hunting days & besides I'm not all that interested in vacuum sweepers!

I'm getting to know the city well – driving around checking out all the job perspectives.  Alot of places say that things will begin to open up by middle of November.  I'd like to be working – but then I'm not all that worried – after all the less I make this year – the less taxes I pay!  The only thing that bothers me is that I probably won't be able to travel next September!!!

I really like the YWCA – I've met so many nice people here – Janice – the girl in the other room & I get along fine.  She is a big hot tea drinker too!

This week has been a beautiful week – so clear and sunny.  During the day it has been really hot – but then at night it cools down and you need a blanket.  (Of course I keep my windows wide open.)

I did make $10.00 the other night (Monday).  Where Catherine works they needed someone to go and clean a woman's refrigerator which had gotten moldy while in their storage for 3 months.  So w/ rags & lysol I went to her apartment & cleaned my 1st refrigerator!  It only took an hour – wasn't really all that bad!  She was very nice – in fact called me the night before (Tuesday) & wanted to know if I'd like to use her name as a reference – and wanted to know how I was getting along looking for work.  She invited me out to eat for last night (Wed.). Of course I went.  We ate at the restaurant where I'm trying to get a job as manager/trainee.  But I had never been there – as they had me to come to their office.  It was a nice place – salad bar, 4 types of home-made soups, chile, and beef stew.  That't the whole menu.  And best of all the waiters, waitresses, cashiers – were corduroy blue jeans, and blue work shirts.

I have my 2nd interview w/them this afternoon at 5:00 PM – sure hope I get good news.  Right now there is just 1 restaurant open – but there are three more ready to open soon.  One just about 10 minutes from here.  Flo & Doris (ones we met in Hawaii) came over on Sunday.  They live just about 5 minutes from here.  Their mother didn't get any better – and they left on Saturday of the week we did to come back – had to pay $30.00 – extra per person to fly back on the week-end but couldn't get reservations on the other days.

I'm going to walk to the bank & library – both very close – I'm relaxing this morning before my interview this afternoon.

Flo & Doris said to be sure & tell you hello.  They wanted Ito's address and were going to drop him a thank you note.

Hope you are doing fine – A big Aloha to the family


Bought a papaya last night for 29¢ – good price – usually 39 to 49¢.  Never will forget paying 75¢ for a half of one in Hawaii.

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