Tuesday, October 11, 2016

1976 Roberta's Letter to John -Oct.10

Oct 10, 1976
Hi John –

Thanks for your letter – I'm now "out on my own" – got a really good deal – live in the house where the YWCA has their offices – check w/ Mom & Dad for the details.

I talked to Sally the other day – did you know Annie got a job – I'm glad – guess the pay isn't like what she was making before – but at least she is busy this way.  Let's go together & get you (her) something for Christmas – OK?  Do you have any ideas – just something to show her we're thinking about her – wouldn't have to be expensive!

I can now fill out a job application in record time – I'll be happy to be part of the working class again –

What did you mean about Debbie not working in the Dining Room next summer?  I think that's a riot about Vince & his overdue books.  Did I tell you that when I was w/Marion, I was telling her of how Lois, Vince & Debbie were thinking about the dining room for next year – and she said that she was against it & you know as well as me – Marian offered me the van while I would be traveling around – did I tell you?  And she was serious!!

Tomorrow's Monday – I've had 2 days off from job-hunting but back to it tomorrow.

I got a long letter from Moe – it sorta surprised me.  She hopes to come back to the farm next year – then move out to California.

Do you like you classes – wish you all were coming out for Christmas.  How about you coming out after Christmas?  By bus – it only takes $165 (special 30 day pass) and 7? days (Round Trip_.

If I'm still job-less we could drive the Buick back – we're good on long haul trips – (i.e. – Fla, New Jersey)   You think about it – ok?

Got to go –


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