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1976 Roberta's Letter -Oct.10

October 10, 1976

Dear Family,

HI, I'm all moved in now . . . . thanks alot to Catherine.  Gerry works Saturday mornings so after he went to work yesterday we moved all my stuff in, then we went and met him at work, right before he got off.

I really got a good deal, it comes fully equipped, would you believe even with an electric typewriter, stereo, telephone, etc. The kitchen is just like ours at home . . . . except no miracle oven.  But do have a blender, toaster, broiler oven, regular stove, etc.  We have two refrigerators.  One downstairs . . . which we share with the women that work here. . and one upstairs, which is just our own.

Behind our house is a YWCA dance studio ---- where they teach everything from belly dancing to ballroom dancing.  Janice says the music might bother me -- but then she says it is always over by 9:00 P.M.  The house itself is a big thing -- it has not counting the kitchen and bathroom downstairs -- a big living room and three other rooms.  The "office" is kinda right in the middle of everything -- sorta out in the hall, as you come in the side door.

Upstairs there are the two bedrooms, plus a big room that is used for job counseling during the day.  Janice and I use it as our living room upstairs.  It is full of couches and comfortable chairs -- not the typical office equipment.

Janice is 27 years old, she goes to school part-time and works full-time.  She goes to San Diego State -- she walks there in about ten minutes so you know about how far it is.  She is from Santa Barbara.  She's very nice.

As for the jobs, I'm still looking.  I've got my application in everywhere.  Several sound good, but then nothing definite.  I've applied for a sales job (on the road) with Action Foods.  They have been in the business 22 years -- selling meats and other frozen foods to Restaurants.  I am to have my second interview with them tomorrow.  I got in on this deal on my own.  It sure would be to my advantage to get a job without the help of an agency.

Friday I went down to Joan of Arc and told them that I had found another place and to pick up my box . . . . which had come that day.  Thanks for sending everything -- the apples and granola were a surprise treat.  I'm sorry about the misunderstanding about the tape player.  Would you like yours back right away?  Should it be convenient and you find my tapes -- please send them out.  Thanks.  Sister Clarice was very nice -- told me she had looked forward to having me, because my references spoke so highly of me and all.  Told me she would put everything in her inactive file and should I ever want to move in to call her.  I started a savings account -- with the checks I got in the mail.  Its just two blocks from here -- and they have branches all over San Diego.  You get free travellers checks (American Express) five free money orders, five cashier checks, (maximum per moth -- even with a 54.00 balance!!!!)

The last couple of days have really been warm -- they call it Santa Anna.  Sorta remind me of Phoenix -- all heat, no air.

Hope all of you are fine – sure hope I join the working class again soon ––

Love, Berta

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