Tuesday, October 25, 2016

1986 HH's letter to John -Oct.27

October 27, 1986

Dear X and John,

We do appreciate your meeting us in Columbus Saturday evening – had no trouble in falling to sleep that evening.

Thank you for the birthday card – one does feel better with mind on things rather than calendar age.  One universal comment is "we all reach 'middle age' before you know it."  Certainly you want to do with your life in whatever way appeals to each of you together.  Every job has drawbacks and being in business on your own does have the advantage of a direct relationship of reward from our own efforts.

Business has changed so dramatically over these last 41 years as we have a global economy and the wholesalers are past tense . . . . . leaving people like K Mart, etc. who have such buying power that they dictate terms and prices to their suppliers.

I do believe that being active, both mentally and physically, have a direct relationship to health and happiness . . . so I'm far from just wanting to sit in the rocker and wait for the next meal.  Fortunately we enjoy reading, travel and "investing", plus "parts" of the practice of law.  It was probably best that John did not go on to law school for the trend of lawyers is not positive.

Yes, hind sight is always 20/20.  No need to worry, each of us need to make what we think is the best decision and make it work.



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