Monday, October 17, 2016

1976 Roberta's Postcard -Oct.22

Oct.22 [1976] 7:15 AM

Hi – work going OK – I think they are trying to see my endurance.  Yesterday worked from 12:00 noon to 11:00 PM & then back again early this AM.  Tomorrow don't have to be here till noon again – but then work till 11:00 or so!!

I miss using my left thumb – so many little things – bandage & splint make it all the worst!  Just try wringing out a cloth w/ 1 hand!

Mailed in for ballot – weather here continues to be good – not always sunny – sometimes cloudy – but that's ok.  The warmth is still here.

Alot of people that work at Rest. ride bike to work.  Our uniforms are crazy – never thought I'd wear suspenders!  Navy blue shows dirt as quick as white – but sure prefer pants!

Love, Berta

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