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Aunt Luna Hiestand Mitchell

Aunt Luna Hiestand Mitchell (1874-1970) was the older sister of Gladys Hiestand Uible, being born  18 years before Grandma.  She married Robert G. Mitchell in Hillsboro on February 20, 1901 and they moved to Mound City, Missouri.
Mitchell-Hiestand Wedding Clipping 28Feb1901 Hillsboro Ohio News-Herald

They had six children: Ellen (1901), Roberta (1904), Lois (1908), Robert (1910), Gladys (1912) and Luna (1915).  They later moved from Mound City to Columbia, Missouri, in order for the children to attend college there.  Robert died in the 1930s.  We visited Aunt Luna on the trip west in 1962 and she visited New Vienna several times.  HH reports that Aunt Luna was the slowest eater he ever knew – even slower than Grandma!  Evidently a Hiestand family saying was that it may take a couple of hours to fix a meal so we shouldn't gulp it down in 10 minutes.
Robert and Luna Hiestand Mitchell c1915 postcard
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Revised the date on the (above) back of the postcard after realizing the children mentioned with the cameras would have been a bit older. Message is quite faded but was written by Luna to her mother (Mary Ellen Fawley Hiestand) and/or sister, Gladys.  Transcription follows.

This picture Ellen snap-shot as Rob. & I came from the Chare-Park at the Evangalistic (sic) service in the afternoon.  They all thought it so inferior on account of the light.  They did not want me to send it but here goes –!

Roberta will take some shortly with the children at play with her kodak.  – Luna

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