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1976 Catherine's Letter -Nov.1

Monday evening
November 1, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  I'm glad that you liked the sweater.  I hope you get some wear out of it.  If not you can always pass it on to one of your sisters.  Ha!  Roberta said she got a letter from you too, so you must be answering all your correspondence.

We are still trying to talk Mom and Dad, et. al. into coming out at Christmas.  If they don't come and you do we will work it out somehow so that there will be sleeping space for everyone. We talked to Mom on the telephone tonight (I called home last night and Dad she was in the hospital so Roberta got all worried and called Ruth Shoemaker to find out what was up and then she called Mom this morning) and Mom said Dad is sounding more hopeful on the coming to California theme.

Since the election will be over by the time you get this perhaps you will know more of your own plans.  We await further news from you.

Not too much is new with us.  We went out to dinner last night with Roberta.  R. has joined weight watchers (or renewed her membership as she puts it) and has lost some weight since she has been here.

Do you ever hear from Serena?  I have written her two letters since I have been here but there has been no response.  Perhaps if I wrote five or ten more she might feel guilty and send me a post card.  I guess not everyone in the family can be good correspondents.

Will you be going to Cris's wedding?  I suppose Philadelphia is alot closer to Washington than California is.  We haven't been invited to the wedding so I guess we won't have to decide not to go.

I stopped typing as Deedee just called & the typewriter makes alot of noise.

What do you think about Budsy getting a competitor in the great-grandchild contest?  It seems like it will be tough for Budsy to adapt to having a brother or sister after being the center of attention.

Well, John, write us again Soon!

Cathy & Gerry

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