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1976 Catherine's Letter to John -Oct.10

Sunday evening
October 10, 1976

Dear John,

Hi!  How are you doing?  Thank you for your letter of October 5, 1976.  Of course our sofa bed is attractive.  Did you think that we would pick out an ugly one?  You are welcome for the birthday card – if you want to send us one in return Gerry's birthday is December 17, and mine is January 29.  You can send one to both of us but send it in time for Gerry's birthday and then we can put it back in the envelope until my birthday.

Roberta moved into her room in the East San Diego YWCA yesterday.  She has a very cosy but adequate room with a bed, table, chair, dresser, and closet.  It is in an old house.  There are only two bedrooms.  Another girl has the other one.  They have all sorts of meetings there plus there is an office there during the day.

If you would like to come out here during January you are welcome to John.  We figure that if you sleep in our sofa bed it will make it alot more valuable.  Then we can say "John Uible slept in this sofa bed."  We think Debby may be coming out at Christmas probably for the week between Christmas and New Years but we aren't for sure yet.

It sounds like you are keeping busy at Denison.  What other courses are you taking besides psychology?  What kind of system are they on there?  Semesters or quarters or what?  How do you think Ford is going to do against Carter?  Nobody seems especially excited about the election, out here, at least that is with the people I see.  I am registered to vote though.

The days are getting shorter here but that is about the only difference I've noticed between summer and fall here in California.

Roberta went together with us to get you a birthday present which should be arriving soon if it hasn't already.  We ordered it Saturday and they said it would arrive at Denison in about 5 days.  Sorry it is late.  We were hoping to buy you a new Ford but due to the strike of auto workers we had to settle on this instead.

Well, write again soon.  We always like to find mail in our mailbox especially from our favorite brother and brother-in-law.

Catherine & Gerry

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